Still have questions? Find out more about our mobile marketing automation platform.

Still have questions? Find out more about our mobile marketing automation platform.

Still have questions? Find out more about our mobile marketing automation platform.

Explore the questions we get asked most frequently about our platform, how it works, how it integrates on your app and our pricing model.


Is there a LighthousePE mobile app?

No. LighthousePE is a cloud-based platform that was designed to turn your existing mobile app into a powerful customer engagement tool and revenue driver with highly personalized content and push notifications using location data, behavior patterns, and our proprietary algorithms and AI.

Can LighthousePE work with my existing mobile app?

Yes! We offer a streamlined mobile app integration API that allows you to connect your existing app to LighthousePE services. Typical integrations only take a couple of hours and can be done by anyone with access to your mobile app code base.

What does a LighthousePE integration consist of?

We offer two distinct integration APIs: one for mobile app integration, and another to facilitate the extraction of location and behavioral data that LighthousePE gathers. The latter is not a required integration, but many customers see a benefit to extracting and using location and behavioral data for their own external purposes.Both APIs are concise and easy to implement and provide powerful services that can make your marketing more effective and grow your business.

We don’t currently have a mobile app. Does that mean we can’t use LighthousePE?

Not at all. LighthousePE offers white label mobile apps that can be customized for your business and launched in six to eight weeks!


How frequently are LighthousePE activity reports updated?

LighthousePE gathers dozens of data points and makes them all available in real time via the LighthousePE web-based dashboard.


What types of businesses does LighthousePE work best with?

LighthousePE was designed to help any brick & mortar businesses strengthen customer relationships and brand loyalty, which ultimately drives more store visits and same store revenue.We work well with dozens of different business types including quick service & fast casual restaurants, health, wellness and fitness services, hotels and casino gaming, and travel and tourism destinations.


Does LighthousePE require any kind of hardware of software installation?
LighthousePE is entirely cloud-based, so there is no hardware of software to install. Once the platform integration is completed, you can access LighthousePE’s tools any time by opening a browser and logging in.


What outbound communication channels does LighthousePE use to deliver content?
LighthousePE currently delivers all content and communication via mobile push notifications, but we are constantly building new ways to help businesses engage with their customers to drive growth.


How is LighthousePE priced and billed?
LighthousePE is a SaaS platform, and the cost is a flat, monthly-recurring fee based on the size of your app’s installed base. In this way, your cost for LighthousePE is directly correlated with the size of your mobile app audience that we will help you engage and monetize, and so is directly aligned with the ROI that you’ll realize with the platform


Can we use LighthousePE with our other marketing efforts?
Absolutely. In fact, many of our customers use the rich and unique data that LighthousePE collects to inform and improve their other marketing programs!


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