Our commitment to privacy

Our commitment to privacy

Always respect the End User.

LighthousePE is built with security and privacy at its core. Our mission is to help businesses create highly personalized experiences that delight their customers, not annoy them, so we’ve designed it to keep your information confidential and secure while meeting privacy and transfer regulations.

Hosted in a secure environment.

The LighthousePE platform in completely hosted end-to-end in a secure, scalable Cloud environment. This allows for enterprise-class availability without integration, or safe integration with third-party CRM systems. This provides for an enormous amount of behavioral data to feed through the system securely, so you can make decisions without impact on infrastructure.

Privacy is primary to what we do.

We only collect end-user data with opt-in permission, and we never sell data we collect to third parties or share it between customers. All data collected is tied to behavior and location is made anonymous, with no PII attached. We take precautions to ensure that nothing else is written in. We don’t store data, either. LighthousePE integrates with existing CRMs via a one-way revolving data door that doesn’t go back, so nothing escapes the closed-loop environment.

    • Behavior data allows LighthousePE to create personalized engagement without sacrificing privacy.
    • Likewise, location data is used to build better experiences for your customers and give them more of what they love.

We never sell or share collected data, period.


Learn how LighthousePE collects and uses data in our privacy policy.