How Adding True 1:1 Personalized Content to Your Mobile Marketing Can Generate Immediate ROI for Your Business

Personalized automated mobile marketing is more accessible and affordable than most business owners realize. It’s not just for large corporations anymore. It’s available for businesses of all sizes.


With LighthousePE, your business can deliver deeply personalized content that’s tailored specifically for each recipient based on their behavioral profile, current location, time of day, and other factors that the platform considers in real time. The technology you’ve dreamed of to jump-start your marketing efforts is here.


The Evolution of Content Personalization


Content personalization has always been the holy grail of marketing. Email was the first step toward personalization in the ’90s. Back then, placing a customer’s name in an email was personalization—and that was very exciting. Then marketers started categorizing people according to cohorts and crafting messages for each cohort.


Most companies still use cohorts for personalization, and that’s the reason so much marketing is off-message and ineffective. Marketers don’t realize that affordable solutions to accomplish true 1:1 personalization are available today. And they don’t have to understand the ins and outs of artificial intelligence (AI) to reap the benefits.


Today, true personalization means that the entire message, whether it’s an email or a push notification, is crafted specifically for each individual customer—from the very first character to the very last character. The only way to do that at scale, of course, is with technology. You need a combination of AI and powerful servers to deliver it to your entire audience, whether that’s three hundred or three million customers. That’s where mobile app marketing is headed, and that’s the type of deep personalization LighthousePE offers its clients.


How True 1:1 Personalization Works


LighthousePE is a turnkey solution where AI works for you behind the scenes to recognize patterns in your customers’ behaviors and then generates content and creates incentives for your customers based off those patterns. It leverages AI for your business, and it all happens automatically.


Once you set the groundwork, activate it, and let it build behavioral profiles, LighthousePE can run on its own. It’s powerful, direct, and deeply personalized marketing that’s always happening on your behalf. It sends the right message to the right person at the right place at the right time.


Advantages for Brands, Business Owners, and Users


Simply put, brands that excel at personalization outsell brands that don’t. Research from McKinsey reports companies that excel at personalization generate 40% more revenue from those activities than average brands. That’s a massive competitive advantage.


Another benefit of true 1:1 personalization is an enhanced customer experience and, in turn, greater emotional brand loyalty. This is huge because customers now rank their experience with brands as more important than price. In fact, 42% of all consumers would pay more for a friendly, welcoming experience, and, among US customers, 65% find a positive experience with a brand to be more influential than great advertising.


By delivering truly personalized mobile app messages with LighthousePE, you can make your customers feel like your brand clicks with them. You create a durable bond through relevant, convenient, and practical personalized communication. People get so many messages each day—email, text messages, push notifications. When a message shows that a brand really knows them and gets them, however, it’s meaningful. They can’t imagine buying from any other brands because your brand just gets them. That’s what’s possible with LighthousePE.


The Future of Marketing Content Personalization


The possibilities for personalization are only going to continue to expand. Today, content personalization mostly consists of the words in a message, but doors will open for brands to create personalized images, audio, and video as AI models that generate these types of content become more reliable. With that has to come an understanding of customer preferences for the form of content they want to consume.


The future of personalization, therefore, is even deeper personalization. One customer may prefer to consume short-form videos, so that’s what they’ll receive. Another customer may prefer two-minute miniature podcasts. Someone else likes to read, so they’ll get a snippet they can read in two minutes. The future of personalization encompasses those kinds of preferences in addition to the specific content customers receive.


Personalization and Your Mobile Marketing


The sooner you put mobile app personalization in place, the sooner it can start working for your business. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today about adding the LighthousePE mobile marketing automation platform to your app.

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