Supercharged Location Data: Proximity Frequency

Proximity Frequency is a fancy phrase to describe how often a prospect or customer is near your business but doesn’t come in. Why does this metric matter? Because humans are creatures of habit. We typically take the same roads to work, dine at the same restaurants, and undertake the same activities. With these daily habits as the blueprint, savvy marketers can employ Proximity Frequency data to alter behaviors to create outcomes that work in their favor.


By creating a set of carefully planned geofences around a specific location, an enormous amount of valuable “habit data” can be gleaned and then used to craft and deliver the right message at the perfect time.


For example, let’s say you own an ice cream shop and using ongoing Proximity Frequency data you learn that 15% of your regular customers pass within three miles of your store as they go about their daily business. A large portion of that nearby customer base is probably not thinking about a midday scoop of ice cream because it’s not part of their regular daily habits. But a well-timed “Drop in and see us for BOGO scoops until 3pm!” prompt is exactly the sort of thing that could break those habits, inspire a side-trip, and deliver several unplanned, incremental visits… not to mention a nice chunk of unexpected revenue at a time of day when you’re normally slow!


If you operate a business that relies on a high percentage of “impulse buy” customers for revenue, adding Proximity Frequency-based outreach to your digital marketing strategy can boost same-day unplanned store visits by an average of 23%.



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